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Wam Bam Premium Yard and Pool Vinyl Fence Board with Post and Top – 4 ft.

The unmistakable and satisfying limits that you’ll get from the Wam Bam Premium Yard and Pool Vinyl Fence Board with Post and Top – 4 ft. are far less demanding to accomplish than you may might suspect. This basic fencing framework can be set straightforwardly into the ground with each post intended to stand 4-ft. tall in the wake of sinking it 24 inches. Once your posts are set up, the rails slide into the pre-furrowed posts, the pickets drop into the openings in the rails, and you get the opportunity to keep children and canines in, or out, as you’ve generally needed. On account of the collection of 100% virgin white, mono-expelled vinyl, this fence won’t climate, blur, split or do alternate things that make wooden wall end up plainly dull and shabby caring for years outside. Stainless steel equipment keeps the pickets and rails where they should be, and the post tops can be stuck on with any standard development glue

. On the off chance that your ground isn’t precisely level, Wam Bam gives straightforward guidelines to adapting to this minor test.

Extra Elements:

Look of naturally painted wood without the support

General posts can be utilized for corners, closes, or in-line applications

Appraised for a Classification 1 sea tempest, or 74 mph winds

UV-inhibitors ensured to keep up a splendid, white shading

Climate safe outline won’t blur, split or twist

Stainless steel equipment won’t consume or recolor fence

Mono-expelled vinyl is white completely

Droop free outline doesn’t require aluminum fortification

Weight: 35 lbs.

About WamBam

WamBam’s central goal is really straightforward: To change the universe of do-it-without anyone else’s help fencing. They’ve been grinding away assembling open air vinyl items since the ’90s, in spite of the fact that their underlying foundations in the fencing business extend back right around 30 years. WamBam’s items offer clients fencing that is tough and weatherproof, as well as their items fuse a no-burrow arrangement of establishment that is changing fencing in the USA and Canada. Today, they concentrate on the client with intelligent client support and supply chains that removed the center man, enormous box costs and arrangements straightforwardly with the end client.

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Wam Bam Fence

Gathered Item Weight

33 Pounds

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