crate and barrel picnic table and tips bring a picnic lunch

85 crate and barrel picnic table
85 crate and barrel picnic table
85 crate and barrel picnic table
crate and barrel picnic table and tips bring a picnic lunch. Picnic is one of the fun things. Moreover, performed together with your loved ones like family. Although merely sit in the garden or sit on the beach but a picnic can refresh me right Middle mind thronged by routine work day today.
Already an obligation to bring the provision when the picnic. However, many of the people complaining are not able to bring a lot of food when the picnic because of the limited places. Below are some tips that could make it easier for you guys to bring all of you want to bring your picnic time, see ya!
1. Organize your stuff with good
The first thing to do is to choose the right bag. Bring a practical food for picnic. It’s good to bring food that is not too much or soups that contain coconut milk, cream/milk. Foods with ingredients like these, easily damaged during the trip.
Meanwhile, for cold drinks such as ice cubes, it’s not directly mixed in it. Ice cubes in plastic wrap, and store in the cooling box. Don’t forget to bring a disposable tableware, so you don’t even have to bring home a dirty utensils.
2. do not open the Food Hours
Never let the food that‘s been brought from home, left open when it was already inthe picnic. As this can cause a large number of bacteria that have emerged and continue to grow resulting in damage to the food.
Growth of bacteria will be faster when we do a picnic during the day. So for good, keep food in a picnic box so that it is not directly exposed to the Sun. If it must be removed all in order for more picnic impression tasted, not to let the food contaminated with the heat of the Sun for more than two hours.
3. Keep hot and cold food correctly
The rule of thumb for saving good food is for cold food should be stored below 40 degrees Fahrenheit and for hot food should be kept above 140 degrees Fahrenheit.Something cool or put a lot of ice will help keep food cold anyway. While hot food can be placed in an insulated thermal bag. The items that you buy at a store like meat deli and cheese should be kept in place.
If you have spices that need to be refrigerated after opening, you have to put it on ice after use. The whole fresh fruit is not durable or not too durable. Hence, there should be kept cool, but cut fruit should be stored in a cool place. And Lastly, add thesalad dressing should be kept with an ice pack and are in the cooler.
4. Put the baskets and Coolers in the right place
The time is already up at the picnic area, set up the best possible place and avoid to place the basket and cooler in a place exposed to direct sunlight. Because it can damage the food in it. To avoid things like that then we must remain attentive to the presence of baskets and coolers.
Although food baskets and coolers are already in the right place, not to let a basketor cooler open. This is done so that the food does not quickly broken and cold food or drink can remain cool.
5. No Rest
After the show finished, usually a picnic there are still remnants of food that didn’t get eaten because our stomach and families already feel full. Most people let the food in place and bring it home in. This is not supposed to do.
Although this meal looks fine, but actually have a lot of bacteria that grow there. Just imagine, from a morning of food already in the pack, for a picnic in place outdoors and when finished a picnic food will be taken home again. A lot of people who feel pissed to throw the food. However, for this case if you don’t want to throw away good food, bring the food thermometer to check if food is still worthy to be eaten or not. If not, then inevitably you have to throw it into the trash.

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