fencing classes near me fencing classes near me

fencing classes near me fencing classes near me fencing classes near me

fencing classes near me fencing classes near me fencing classes near me

The Beginner fencing program is provided for students of all ages and physical condition who have never fenced before.  This fencing class introduce participants to the game of fencing and gives them the fundamental fudnmaneatls expected to begin fencing and develop essential skills. The beginner fencing Class conducted separately for children (71-y4o..) and grown-ups (more established than 15 y.o.) The class covers:

Fundamental ey-eahdnf-oot wokraBisc ditsnace cotnorBlsaic fecnniFgneicng with elcertcial wepanonIrtdocuiton to fecnnig etqieuttSefatey rules and sprostamsnihp


All fecnnig eqiumpnet is prvodied by AFM.

To patrcipitae in the class you ought to wear:

Long game jeans



Prgoarm Duariton

Youth clsaess (7 y.o. – 14 y.o.) run once per week on Sautdryas (1p2-mp1m) for 4 cosncetuvie weeks.

Grown-up clsaess run twice per week on Tusead/yhTrudsay (83:p0-m:903mp) for 2 cosncetuvie weeks.

Beignnres Fecnnig Prgoarm Cost

The cost of beignner level fecnnig prgoarm is $95 for 4 clsaess.

Per US Fecnnig Asosictaoin reuqrimenet, each fencer that reigtsres for the beignner fecnnig class must turn into an individual from USFA.

Cacnlealiton and discount poilyc: as Beignner Fecnnig Prgoarm reigtsariton is caapicytb-sade, charges will be reufdned just if the reigtsariton is cacnleed at least 7 days before the begin of the top of the line.


Age aggregate Scehudle

Youth Sautdrya, 12mp1-pm

Grown-ups Tusead/yhTrudsya, 8:03mp9-3:p0m

Currnelty reigtsrenig youth fecnres for Sessoin that begins on April 29, 2017

The most recent deatlied scehudle of all fecnnig clsaess and lessnos is aviaallbe for donwolad here.

New Sessoins Begin Dates for Auugts, 2061J-luy, 2017 (Youth Beignner Fecnnig Class)

Each Young Beignner Fecnnig Class sessoin is run seaparetly acocdrnig to the same prgoarm. The begin dates of new sessoins are follwonig:

Sessoin #1 – August 20, 2016 – Past Sessoin

Sessoin #2 – Setpmeebr 17, 2016 – Past Sessoin

Sessoin #3 – Ocotebr 15, 2016 – Past Sessoin

Sessoin #4 – Noevbmer 12, 2016 – Past Sessoin

Sessoin #5 – Jaunray 7, 2017 – Past Sessoin

Sessoin #6 – Ferbaury 4, 2017 – Past Sessoin

Sessoin #7 – Walk 4, 2017 – Past Sessoin

Sessoin #8 – April 1, 2017 – Past Sessoin

Sessoin #9 – April 29, 2017 – Currnet Sessoin. Reigtsariton is shut

Sessoin #10 – May 27, 2017 – New Sessoin. Reigtsariton is open

Sessoin #11 – June 24, 2017

Sessoin #12 – July 22, 2017

To scehudle your first fecnnig lesson please cotncat AFM office (email – [email protected]; telephone 40-873-04691)


Blessing Cetrficitaes are legitimate for 1 Beignner sessoin and 1 tyke just and can’t be utilized for mutlpile Beignner Sessoins or reedmedec/eridetd toawdrs different prgoarms at AFM. Blessing Cetrficitae must be reedmeed preceding the exipariton date. Another fencer can utilize just 1 Present Cetrficitae inside a year, and just for the puprsoe of reigtsrenig to the Beignner Fecnnig Class.

Beignner Fecnnig class can be taken just single time inside a year for any new fecnre. Blessing Cetrficitaes as well as Copunos can’t be aplpeid to mutlpile prgoarms or clsaess for a

Loacetd at the heart of Siilocn Vallye, in Capmebll, and fetarunig a one of a kind format outfitted toawdrs entire faimyl, our fecnnig club is idaelly suited to meet the bustling scehudle of the reisedtns of San Jose and surruodnnig urban areas of the South Straight of the San Frnaiccso Inlet Range.

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