how to make fence in minecraft how to make fence in minecraft

how to make fence in minecraft how to make fence in minecraft how to make fence in minecraft

how to make fence in minecraft how to make fence in minecraft

Obtaining[edit | alter source]

Wood wall are broken most rapidly with a hatchet, however will drop when broken with any device. Under block wall require a pick axe, mining it with whatever else will drop nothing.



Under Block

Hardness 2 2


Breaking time[note 1]

Hand 3 10

Wooden 1.5 1.5

Stone 0.75 0.75

Iron 0.5 0.5

Diamond 0.4 0.4

Golden 0.25 0.25

Bounce up ↑ Times are for unenchanted instruments in seconds.

Characteristic generation[edit | alter source]

Oak wall bring forth actually:

As the uprights for the backings in deserted mineshafts, where they are ample.

In towns, where they show up in tables, light posts, and even fenced in areas on rooftops or behind structures.

In library rooms of fortresses as railings and ceiling fixtures. In the last case, there are many lights connected to them.

On the “porches” and in the front window of witch cottages.

Oak, birch and dull oak wood wall produce normally in forest manors.

Under block wall can be discovered normally in under fortifications where they frame window bars, overhang fencing, and door like structures.

Dull oak wall produce as the backings in over the ground mineshafts.

Crafting[edit | alter source]

Name Ingredients [hide]Crafting formula

Wood Fence Matching Wood Boards +



Under Block Fence Nether Block


Usage[edit | alter source]

Barrier[edit | alter source]

While wall seem, by all accounts, to be a solitary piece tall, and have a hitbox stature of one square, their impact box (for substances) is 1.5 squares tall, which means most swarms can’t hop over them without the Hop Help status impact. They are straightforward to light and have visual holes in the model.

A fence involves the middle space of squares and consequently associates with any strong piece that is set beside it. Wood wall will interface with other wood wall, yet won’t associate with under block wall.

Since their hitbox is littler than a solitary square, it will permit a player/crowd in the piece to inhale notwithstanding when submerged.

Leads[edit | alter source]

Wall can be utilized to append crowds with a lead.

Fuel[edit | alter source]

Wooden wall can be utilized as a fuel in heaters, refining 1.5 things for each square.

Information values[edit | alter source]

ID[edit | alter source]

Type ID Name PC Numeric ID PE Numeric ID

Oak fence 85 850

Spruce spruce_fence 188 851

Birch birch_fence 189 852

Jungle jungle_fence 190 853

Dim Oak dark_oak_fence 191 855

Acacia acacia_fence 192 854

Under Brick nether_brick_fence 113 113

Square state[edit | alter source]

See likewise: Square states

Name Value Description






false When genuine, the fence reaches out from the middle post toward this path.

Video[edit | alter source]

History[edit | alter source]


1.0.17 Added wall. Nothing could be set on top of them.


1.3 Fixed remaining on top of wall making players stall out and slamming the server in SMP.

1.6 Fences made combustible and perceivability made strides

1.7 Any piece, including lights and different wall, now ready to be set on wall.

1.8 Added towns, relinquished mineshafts, and fortresses, where wooden fences normally produce.

Tomahawks break fences speedier.

Official discharge

1.0.0 Beta 1.9-pre1 Added under posts, including under block wall.

Beta 1.9-pre2 Fence crash box lessened.

Fences now interface with strong squares.

Beta 1.9-pre5 Fence choice range changed to match its crash box.

Beta 1.9-pre6 Fences at no time in the future keep farmland from rotting when set underneath farmland.

1.4.2 12w36a It is currently conceivable to place weight plates on top of under block wall.

1.4.4 Mobs at no time in the future attempt to bounce over under block wall.

Under block fence surface settled.

1.5 Fence corners now have a littler crash box, enabling players to fall through the hole amidst four wall set in a square.

1.6.1 13w16a Mobs can be attached to wall.

1.8 14w32b Fences have another making formula, already requiring six sticks in a 2×3 network. The formula additionally now delivers 3 fences rather than 2.

Fences now shift in appearance in light of the boards used to make them. The formula now requires 4 board squares of similar species, yet fence pieces of various woods can associate.

1.11 16w39a Oak, birch and dim oak wood fences now create in forest chateaus.

Up and coming

1.12 17w15a Now interface with the strong posteriors of stairs.

Take Release Alpha

0.2.0 Added wall.

0.9.0 build 1 Fences now actually produce in fortifications, deserted mineshafts and towns.

Added smooth lighting to wall.

0.10.0 build 1 Added spruce, birch, wilderness, acacia and dim oak variations.

Renamed fence to oak fence.

0.12.1 build 1 Added under block wall.

assemble 12 Torches can now be set on top of under block wall.

0.14.2 The surface for the under block fence is changed.

Up and coming Pocket Version

1.1 build 1 Oak, birch and dim oak wood fences now produce in forest chateaus.

Support Version

TU1 CU1 1.0 Patch 1 Added wall.

TU3 Fences are currently stackable.

TU5 Pressure plates are placeable on wall.

TU6 Fence crash box diminished to size of fence square.

TU7 Added under block wall.

TU25 CU14 1.17 Added spruce, birch, and wilderness variations.

The creating formula now utilizes 4 boards and 2 sticks rather than 6 sticks.

Renamed fence to oak fence.

TU27 CU15 1.18 Added acacia and dim oak wall to the innovative stock.

Issues[edit | alter source]

Issues identifying with “Fence” are kept up on the issue tracker. Report issues there.

Trivia[edit | alter source]

On the off chance that a cover is put on top of a fence, a player can hop onto the cover, while crowds won’t (with the exception of rabbits).

Getting hit by another person (or shooting yourself with a Punch captivated bow while sprinting advances) while in midair can bring about the knockback to drive you over a fence you would not have the capacity to hop over regularly.

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