how to replace a fence post steps how to replace a fence post

how to replace a fence post how to replace a fence post how to replace a fence post

how to replace a fence post how to replace a fence post how to replace a fence post 

To supplant a fence post, you basically confine the fence, haul the post out of the ground, set another post and reattach the fence. That doesn’t sound muddled, however in actuality, getting an old fence post out of the ground can be a challenging task, particularly on the off chance that it has decayed at ground level. While there are traps to make the occupation simpler, you may require a considerable lot of beast constrain.

Withdrawing the Fence

It’s vital to get the fencing as far off the beaten path as would be prudent, so you have space to take a shot at the post. On the off chance that the rails are joined to the posts with screws, you can just retreat the screws with a screwdriver, yet in the event that they are set into mortises, you may need to cut the join on one of the lower rails so you can squirm the post enough to free alternate rails. Once the fencing is free, swing it to the extent you can to the other side and bolster it on squares until you are prepared to reattach it.

Pulling the Post

Drenching the ground, burrowing around the base and squirming a post set in cement or rock frequently slackens it enough to haul out. On the off chance that that doesn’t work, there are a few approaches to pry it out. One route is to drive screws into one side of the post at the base, snare a long two-by-four under them, set the two-by-four on a soot square support and utilize it as a lever to haul the post straight out. Another way that functions admirably if the post has spoiled at ground level is to snare a chain around a strong segment at the base, join the anchor to an auto jack and pump the jack.

Setting Another Post

On the off chance that a post has been set in cement, the solid will turn out with the post, leaving a perfect opening for a substitution. You should simply drop in the new post, level it and pour cement to ground level. Support the post with two-by-fours until the solid sets, which as a rule takes around 24 hours. When you expel a post from rock, you can expel the rock from the opening with a post-gap digger and utilize it to set the new post. For whatever length of time that it’s little gage seepage rock, the post ought to be practically as secure as though it were in cement.

Reattaching the Fencing

As a rule, once the post is secure, you can just swing the fencing again into the right spot and screw or nail it. To abstain from having the fence haul the post twisted, it’s a smart thought to append both top rails, and after that both base ones. In the event that the fence developers utilized a mortise and join development, you have to etch mortises out of the posts and set the rails into them before you set the post. That makes the employment of setting the post simpler, in light of the fact that the rails help to hold it relentless while the solid sets.

how to replace a fence post

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