stiga impact table tennis table and its size

84 stiga impact table tennis table
84 stiga impact table tennis table
84 stiga impact table tennis table
stiga impact table tennis table and its size. Table tennis is a sports games that use the racket and table as a field, table tennis is played by two people (for a single category), four people for couples of the opposite or double. Table tennis is also often called with ping pong balls.
On the game table tennis uses a racket made of wood coated with rubber or also called the bet, then using the ball and ping pong table-shaped field. Indonesia has a parent organization whose name PTMSI (Union of table tennis ThroughoutIndonesia), while the International Organization‘s parent is the ITTF (International Table Tennis Federation).
The Size Of A Table Tennis Table:
Length = 274 cm
-Width = 152.5 cm
-High floor-desk field = 76 cm
-Thick line side = 2 cm
-Spacious = 4.1785 square meters
The size of the Net Mesh Net and Pole table tennis:
Long Net = 183 cm
-Width/height Net = 15.25 cm
-Table Distance to the Pole = 15.25 cm
-Wide Net = 0.279075 square meters
Ping-pong Balls:
Table tennis balls-diameter 40 mm, weight 2.7 g.
Usually white or orange and made of lightweight cellulose.
-Bounce ball that well when dropped from a height 30.5 cm height of first reflection will generate between 23-26 cm.
On balls table tennis there is usually an asterisk from 1-star to 3-star, and 3 this is what the asterisk indicates the highest quality from the ball and is usually used in official tournaments.
The size of a Table Tennis Table above is of national and international standards, hopefully the above article can be useful to you as an additional reference to find out the size of a table tennis table in international standards.

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