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E-Z Base™/E-Z Mender™/E-Z Spike™

Supplanting a whole fence can be a costly and troublesome errand. Simpson Solid Tie® offers a line of items intended to help make fortifying wall posts simple and practical. The E-Z Base™, E-Z Mender™ and E-Z Spike™ offer basic answers for a wide range of fence post ventures.

E-Z Spike (Display No. FPBS44)

Permits simple establishment of 4×4 wood posts without burrowing openings or pouring cement

Can be utilized for an assortment of uses where speedy to-introduce posts are required

E-Z Mender (Show No. FPBM44E)

Permits simple repair of decayed or harmed 4×4 wood posts introduced in concrete or earth

Fortifies debilitated wood presents without having on supplant the post or the solid

Sold separately; use in sets

FPBM44E is endorsed for establishment with the Solid Drive® SD Connector screw

E-Z Base (Model No. FPBB44)

Permits simple establishment of 4×4 wood posts on existing cement


12 gage

Wrap up

Dark powder-coat


See pamphlet Make Fence Post Repair E-Z (F-C-EZFPP)

Append post to E-Z Spike or E-Z Base with (8) 1/4″ In number Drive SDS Substantial Obligation Connector screws or 1/4″ HDG slack screws and join post to E-Z Mender utilizing (6) HDG nails or screws per part


Despite the terms of the Constrained Guarantee, Simpson Solid Tie does not ensure, speak to or warrant that this item will perform under, or counteract or decrease harm created by consumption, any seismic, wind, air, or other load-delivering occasion.